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๐Ÿ‘‹ Hi โ€” Iโ€™m You Zhang, a Motion Designer / 3D Artist based in Los Angeles, originally from China. With a developer mindset, I specialize in Motion Design, 3D Visualization, and Brand System Design. Currently @Microsoft. Previously @ManvsMachine.

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I make design tutorials about Motion Design and 3D Art on Bilibili.com

โ˜• Thoughts of atom63.io

Instead of making a 'traditional' portfolio website, I'd like to utilize this digital space to share a bit more of myself.

This website was inspired by fabrizio.so, made through Gridsome, powered by Vue.js, and styled with Tailwindcss.

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ๅคขๆƒณๆˆ็œŸ โ€” Kumachanๅคขๆƒณๆˆ็œŸ โ€” Kumachanไฝ ๆ‰€ไธ็Ÿฅ้“็š„ๆœๆŒฏ็†™ไน‹ๅ…ง้ƒจๆ•ดไฟฎ โ€” Soft Lipaไฝ ๆ‰€ไธ็Ÿฅ้“็š„ๆœๆŒฏ็†™ไน‹ๅ…ง้ƒจๆ•ดไฟฎ โ€” Soft Lipa่ด่ถ็š„็ฝชๆถๆ„Ÿ โ€” PO8่ด่ถ็š„็ฝชๆถๆ„Ÿ โ€” PO8็ง‘ๅนปๅฐ่ฏด โ€” ๆณ•่€็ง‘ๅนปๅฐ่ฏด โ€” ๆณ•่€ALL OUT โ€” K/DAALL OUT โ€” K/DALuv(sic) Hexalogy โ€” NujabesLuv(sic) Hexalogy โ€” Nujabes23 โ€” Marz2323 โ€” Marz23Prince Charming โ€” MasiweiPrince Charming โ€” Masiwei


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